Outdoor Distributed Energy Storage (Cube 60)
Outdoor Distributed Energy Storage (Air-cooling)
The air-cooled battery cabinet is a distributed energy storage system for industrial and commercial applications. It can store electricity converted from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. With air cooling technology, it is cost-effective and easy to maintain and repair.
Distributed Energy Storage
Air Cooling
Highly Integrated
Safe & Stable
Smart & Flexible
"Smart Cloud" , APP/WEB real-time monitoring battery status. Supports 30kW/50kW, covering small C&I scenarios
Ultra-high Performance
Supports 0.83C high-rate discharge. Temperature difference of ≤ 5°C, increased life by 30%
Eco-friendly & Practical
Photovoltaic energy at a DC/AC ratio of 1.4. Equipped with 4G/Wifi module for remote internet access
Multi-level Protection
IP54 cabinets against corrosion (C4) and salt spray. Multiple anti-theft design, remote door opening alarm
Model CX-30/60-AP-S CX-50/60-AP-S
Rated power 30kW 50kW
Battery energy 61.44kWh 61.44kW
Battery Voltage Range 537.6~691.2 537.6~691.2
Dimensions (W*D*H) 650*750*2150mm 650*750*2150mm


IP rating IP54 IP54
Cooling Method Air cooling Air cooling

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