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What is a balcony system all-in-one machine?

The all-in-one balcony system integrates a microinverter and a battery pack, and can be connected to photovoltaic panels for plug-and-play use.

How to achieve plug and play?

Photovoltaic and mains electricity can be directly connected to the balcony system through plugs. Balcony systems can be connected directly to household sockets, eliminating the need to find an installer.

What kind of photovoltaic panels can be connected?

All mainstream photovoltaic panels on the market can be connected.

What is the capacity of the balcony system all-in-one machine?

There are two capacities: 1.5KWh and 2.5KWh.

What is the maximum power of photovoltaic panels that can be connected?

It can connect up to 20KW photovoltaic panels with 100% overload.

Can it be placed outdoors?

The product is IP65 and can be installed directly outdoors.

How many photovoltaic inputs can be connected?

Up to 2 photovoltaic inputs can be connected, which is more economical.

How much electricity does a battery pack hold?

Single battery pack 5KWh