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The global layout
Absen owns a highly talented service team, 13 branches, and 9 service centers. Over the past 22 years, we have served customers in more than 130 countries on 6 continents. Based on Absen's global service, we are one step closer to the customer!
The complete after-sales service system
Fast-responding remote technical support, localized on-site service, and an industry-leading self-built digital service management platform (CSMS) provide customers with an outstanding service experience and high satisfaction.
The systematic training & certification
Through a comprehensive and in-depth training system, Absen provides a systematic professional training certification with one-on-one technical guidance for global service partners to achieve continuous improvement in service capabilities.

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Absen Certified Engineer for Energy, short for ACE-E
This is a customized industry training service for energy engineers and technicians. Absen team will help you master energy knowledge and skills through systematic theoretical study and practical operations. The ACE-E certificate will be awarded to those who pass the examination.
Welcome you to join Global Service Network Program
Absen is building a global service team to offer an expansive, yet close-knit, network of qualified service partners to support our valued customers.
Joining our network and building a long-term relationship with Absen will be access to the below values:
Economic Effect
Seize the opportunity and choose to become an Absen service partner to win better development advantages and opportunities;
Join hands with Absen to develop and share benefits with Absen, and open up the energy service market;
Great development potential and broad prospects.
Technical Effect
Become an Absen service partner and prioritize participation in Absen's original Certified Engineer for Energy (ACE-E) training and global technology exchange, Work together to build your core technical team.
Legal Effect
All businesses comply with laws and agreements, so that cooperation has no worries.
Three-level service system support
Absen has an all-media contact and service support platform, a comprehensive customer service specialist, online technical experts, and a domain expert three-level service support system to assist service partners for the first time.
Staff support
Absen’s technical team can support service partners for the first time to ensure the steady improvement of service quality.
Training support
Regular ACE-E training, new product training, and technical exchanges with global service teams
Resource sharing
Absen shares the service resources in the service area with the service partner and gives the cooperative service partner priority to allocate the rights of the service resources to maximize the value of resource utilization.
Professional Service Team
Delivering quality products and services

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