EV Charging Energy Storage System

EV Charging Energy Storage System
The charging station is a comprehensive facility that provides convenient and efficient charging services for electric vehicles through the organic combination of power supply system, charging system, monitoring system and supporting facilities.
Electricity Problems
Power Demand Fluctuates Greatly and Transformation is Difficult
During the centralized charging period, the power demand increases sharply, the transformer is overloaded, the transformer and line expansion cost is high, and the approval procedures are complicated.
High Cost of Electricity
The efficiency of electric energy use is low, which increases electricity expenses and reduces revenue.
Outdoor Harsh Environment
High temperature, high humidity and other environments, which can easily cause equipment failure.
High Safety Risks
Involving a large number of electrical equipment, such as charging piles, power distribution cabinets, etc., once an accident occurs, it will not only cause property losses, but also may endanger the safety of personnel.
Difficulty in Operation and Maintenance
In remote areas or highway charging stations, it is difficult to respond to after-sales operation and maintenance in a timely manner.
Main Working Mode:
1. Peak-to-valley Arbitrage: energy storage electricity prices are charged at low valleys and discharged at peak times to reduce electricity costs.
2. Peak Shaving and Valley Filling: energy storage is stored during the trough of power demand and released during peak hours to ensure the stable operation of production equipment.
3. Renewable Energy Integration: the energy storage system is combined with solar and wind energy to achieve efficient use and storage of energy and reduce dependence on the power grid.
1. Intelligent balance of power supply and demand: effectively balance the power load through peak shaving and valley filling to ensure that the power supply is continuous and stable during the peak hours of centralized charging.
2. Energy saving, high efficiency, and cost reduction: support a variety of working modes, flexibly respond to electricity price fluctuations, reduce electricity costs by 50%, and significantly improve operational efficiency.
3. Adapt to harsh outdoor environment: IP55 protection level, easily cope with high temperature, high humidity and other harsh outdoor environments, support -25~60°C working temperature and 0~95% working humidity (no condensation).
4. Comprehensive safety guarantee: active and passive safety protection, double fire protection design, extinguish the fire within 3 seconds, cut off the fault circuit in time, and ensure the safe operation of the charging station.
5. Intelligent and efficient operation and maintenance: remote monitoring, timely reporting of equipment failures, and 30% reduction in operation and maintenance time and cost.
Topology Map:
Product recommendations
Lighting Electricity:
1~5kW: carport, street lighting
Information Electricity:
1~5kW: parking management system, security system
Charging Pile:
10~20kW: slow charging
Lighting Electricity:
5~10kW: carport, street lighting
Information Electricity:
5~10kW: parking management system, security system, servers
Charging Pile:
50~400kW: fast charging, slow charging
Lighting Electricity:
30~50kW: carport, street lighting
Information Electricity:
50~100kW: parking management system, security system, servers
Charging Pile:
300kW~1.5MW: fast charging, slow charging
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