Balcony S
Balcony Plug and play ESS
Balcony Plug and Play Energy Storage
Specially set in apartment balcony, the Balcony Plug and play Energy storage system is a compact, lightweight battery that can store the electricity converted from solar for residential use. Compared with conventional energy storage devices, the Balcony S Series is compact, easy to install and elegant in appearance, making it suitable for residential use.
Balcony Plug and play Energy storage
Safe LFP Battery
Easy Installation
Smart App
Plug and play, easy installation and smart control and operation
All in One System
Integrated with inverter, MPPT charger, AC charger, LiFePo4 battery inside
Hybrid System
support self consumption and feedback to grid
User Define
Work mode, charging & discharge time and current are programmable
ModelBXS-08/15-LS1 BXS-08/25-LS1

Rated energy

Rated power600W&800W&1000W
Rated AC output power1000W
Rated battery voltage25.6V

Dimensions (W*D*H, mm)

Product net weight(kgs)28.5kg40.5kg
IP gradeIP54
CertificationsIEC 62619;IEC61000;ETSI EN301 489;ETSI EN 300 328;IEC62311;EN50665;IEN62109;UN38.3; VDE-4105;VDE0126-1-1+VFR;EN 50549.

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